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  • Can you tell me which Sprinter Vans these light racks fit?
    All rhe light racks are designed for the new GEN 3 2019+ (VS30) Mercedes sprinters 144, 170, 2500, 3500, tall or short. The mounting point and clearance is the same for all 2019+ models. there is complete functionality with the forward radar, parking sensors and forward-looking parking camera. All work great with the rackS. Previous generation sprinters (NCV3 2007-2018) use the same mounting holes and can be installed but there is only 4" of vertical space for lights so low profile lights work well.
  • Is it a light rack or brush guard?
    Yes. You can use it to knock down brush if you like. but it excels at looking good and holding lights.
  • How do you install the racks? Do I need tools or a shop?
    NO SHOP IS REQUIRED. I provide the bolts, washers and wrench. There are two M8 bolt holes on the top of the step in the front bumper. There are plastic plugs covering these holes and these plugs are popped out with a screwdriver. The rack is positioned and secured with the provided L-wrench and two black stainless tamper-resistant bolts that I provide. That’s it, no drilling or other modifications required. Installation video on home page
  • How do I install the lights?
    The light racks have slots for round lights or bar lights. The position of these slots also ensures the forward radar is functional. if you have the radar, you cannot install a light bar across the middle. Lights on the outside, like my 6" round piaa's, are not in the beam path of the radar and they are do not obstruct the forward camera.
  • Does it work with a front winch bumper?
    Not if the front step is removed. So it doesn't work with Van compass winch mount.
  • Is it painted? Can I get them unpainted?
    The racks are not painted but powdercoated. This is a baked-on process and much stronger than paint. The racks are sold in black or unpainted. All unpainted racks are pre-sanded and ready for paint or can be left unpainted.
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